Monday, May 18, 2009

It's our BIRTHDAY,
and we want to party
with you!
Dippidee is officially
three years old -
I can hardly believe it.
We are having a big
party these next two
weeks to celebrate.
Stop by for free cookies,
door prizes, drawings,
and becoming a member of our birthday club.
It is sure to be a SWEET time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All my life I have loved cupcakes. As a young
girl I can remember Mom giving us each a quarter
to purchase our very own cupcake on cupcake
day at school. To this day there is something
magical about this little round piece of cake
piled on with frosting... it makes life a little
bit sweeter. So this week for all you bloggers,
it is cupcakes on me. Buy one, get one free!
Some of our flavors this week are:
Chocolate Cream Filled, Vanilla with
Vanilla Mousse, Lemon Crunch, Margarita,
Red Velvet, and many many more.
Hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

As Mother's Day quickly approaches I think of my
own mother and grandmother. They are the ones
who let me into the world of baking and creating.
They taught me to love and appreciate all things
sweet. I am forever indebted to them for the
skills they passed on to me, along with the
recipes. Let us help you this week as you too
look to the women in your life who have made
it more sweet. We will have some fabulous items
in the store, including cookies and cupcakes fit
for a queen. Make sure you mention this blog
to receive 20% off your Mother's Day order.
We wish you all a very SWEET Mother's Day!
Love, Marcee Kitchen, Owner