Thursday, January 19, 2012

Creative Cupcakes

Dippidee is well known for it's delicious cake flavors. Our store currently offers 28 different flavors on a regular basis. If you can think of a flavor, we most likely make it. Even if we have not made it in the past, will try to make it. A special flavor we have gotten a lot of requests for this week is Pistachio. Our Pistachio cupcake is amazingly delicious with a creamy pistachio filling that is just heavenly. Another unique flavor we have made in the past has been our Smore's cupcakes. These are graham cracker cupcakes filled with marshmallow cream and covered in ganache. No campfire needed!! We also make an amazing churro cupcake that is sugar and cinnamon perfection. Check out flavors and try a new flavor, it will be worth it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Stork is Coming!

Babies, babies, babies! What a wonderful blessing. There isn't a better way to celebrate the coming of a new baby than with a sweet Dippidee cake. We have made some really cute cakes for baby showers, baby announcements, and baby blessings. Here a just a few of some precious baby cakes we have done in the past.