Monday, October 12, 2009

I love the cool fall weather, all the fun colors, the smells (pumpkin in the kitchen) and of course all the Halloween decorations. Halloween is creeping up so quickly, and so much to do! Are you ready? Do you have your costumes, treats for the trick or treat kids, party plans? Whatever you like to do for Halloween these monster cupcakes are the prefect gift! Whether it’s for your kids, your party or a special trick or treat child they are Fantastic! Order this week and its buy 6 get 1 free! You can pick your favorite cupcake cake flavor and your monster can be any color. Regular size cupcakes with a filling is $19.99 and the Fun size cupcake with no filling is $14.99!
Have a Sweet Day!

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Becky said...

those are adorable. love the eyes on the mummy!