Monday, May 23, 2011


It is official, DIPPIDEE IS 5YEARS OLD!! We are so excited to celebrate this huge accomplishment. We know that we would have not made it without our wonderfully loyal customers. We want to take this chance to say “Thank You”. We are so grateful that you have let our SWEET SURPRISES be apart of your life. Thanks for letting us be apart of the most special moments in your life: weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and so much more.

Please join us May 23rd – June 4th as we celebrate our success

· Our exclusive birthday club sign up
· Instant give a ways
· Free mini cupcakes for everyone who stops in
· 15% off any birthday cake order
· A chance to win a YEAR supply of Sweet Surprises
· Our cases will be loaded with Birthday themed treats


(you will have to visit our store and facebook page to do so):

1. On June 4th, 2011 what fun event will Dippidee be having? (
2. What two pictures did we post on Facebook on May 6th?
3. What’s the name of our Brownies?
4. What are the colors of the suckers in the jar on top display case?
5. What four colors are on Dippidee’s Floor?
6. Name one of our super sweet counter girls (Marcee and Heidi excluded)?

Email your trivia answers to to be entered in the giveaway. For additional entries post on your blog and/or twitter about one of your favorite Dippidee treats. Then comment on our blog that you have posted, twittered and emailed your answers.


Danielle said...

I e-mailed my trivia answers, commented on Facebook, tweeted, and posted to my blog! Our family loves Dippidee-we hope to win a year of treats! Thanks!

Raegan said...

I emailed in my answers!! Commented on FB, Tweeted and Blogged!!! Sure love all your sugary goodnesss!!

Kenny said...

Tweeted and Facebooked! Emailed my trivia!