Friday, December 30, 2011

Got Engaged?

Engagements often happen over the holiday season. What gift is better than a ring? I can't think of any. If you received a ring, congratulations! Now the the wedding planning begins. Are you unsure of what direction you want your wedding theme to go? Well here are some current cake trends that might inspire you.

Think Outside the Box - Wedding cakes are traditionally circle shaped. If you want to have a less traditional cake, a square cake is the way to go. Square cakes are more contemporary and yet can still look formal. Offset square cakes are very modern. You can also jazz up a square cake with art deco or a more elegant floral design.

A Splash of Color -
Cakes have come along way from the traditional white cake. Color is what everyone wants. The brighter the cake the better. One way to incorporate color into your wedding cake is by have a statement color for the base color of frosting. If having that much color frightens you, why not try to add some color with flowers, ribbon, bows or swirls. One thing will be for sure, your cake with be the talk of the party.

Polka Dots - Polka dots come and go in fashion. Guess what, they are back! Polka dots are great because they are so versatile. You can use bright polka dots to make a bold statement. One the other hand, you can use soft colors for a more traditional look. Gold, white, or silver polka dots give the cake some texture without being too overbearing. You can also combine polka dots with other designs for a unique cake.

Frilly Vintage Cake - Vintage is super trendy right now. Anything that resembles the 50's is in style. This trend includes the ruffled cake look. This look can be done in either butter cream or fondant. This look is super elegant and is great for a variety of decorative themes.

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