Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why do you give apples to teachers as gifts?

There are two reasons for this. Years ago during pioneer days people didn't go out and buy gifts like they may buy for their teachers today and so they would give apples. There is also a saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and it's wishing their teacher good health through the school year. This new school year give your teacher a new type of Apple-a sugar cookie apple! (They will never forget this one) It made from our famous sugar cookie dough, baked until golden brown but nice and soft. Then it is decorated with a thick layer of our famous butter cream frosting! If you mention our blog we will wrap one up for you in a cello bag with a fun bow! (one per customer please!)

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Camille said...

What a cute idea! My little girl just started preschool this year and of course I'm thinking of nice gift that we can give to her teacher. Cupcakes were my first thought, but I like this one as well!! And why have I not stopped by Dippidee's before? I live in Utah County! I'll be making a visit before too long...
(I linked to your blog through Becky's Utah Loves Cupcakes)
By the way, Happy Birthday tomorrow!