Sunday, January 30, 2011

OF COURSE...Have your Cake and Eat it TOO!

Your cake should be beautiful, taste amazing, and fit within your budget. Here are a few tips I have for brides and grooms to help ensure their wedding cake fits all of those criteria.
Beautiful - Take any pictures, color swatches, invitations, examples, anything you have collected to your wedding cake designer. Look at pictures of their past work, make sure it is up to your standard. Have them draw out the design of your cake so you can visualize what they are thinking. Make sure you love the final design.
Taste Amazing - The best way to ensure this is to taste samples from your wedding cake designer. At this time clarify and make sure that this will be the exact same cake that will be used in your cake. This is such an important element. You should eat your cake, your guests should eat your cake, this is the reason for having a cake. Also, by feeding the cake to your guests, you can cut back on servings of other desserts or refreshments.
Budget - The idea of a 12 tier cake towering over your
wedding sounds great, but in reality the higher that cake goes up and the more detail it has, the higher the price goes up. Decide what you want your cake to represent. Your cake doesn't have to be huge. You can have a smaller cake that accentuates your wedding by adding unique details to your design. The cake will still be a huge focal point without breaking your budget.

GOAL TASTE AMAZING: Here is another wedding cake I wanted to share with you. This cake was for James and Sarah. I loved this cake because, they loved this cake so much. James and Sarah were all about having a cake that tasted amazing. This cake was layers of chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. The entire cake was covered in marzipan and then covered in a rich chocolate buttercream. James and Sarah came by to see me after their wedding. They talked about after the wedding how they had some cake left over. They took it home to their families. Next thing they knew everyone had forks out diving right into the cake. It was a race to see who could devour the most. Now that's my kind of race!

Thank you to all the brides and grooms who have come into order a cake with us. I love being a part of your special day! I would love to extend another wedding cake special to you.

If you book your wedding cake consultation during the month of
February or March, I will honor the 25% off special.
Congratulations to all of you newly engaged! - Marcee, Owner

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