Monday, January 10, 2011


When you work in the wedding industry you find that January becomes all about weddings. How many of you cute girls out there got a ring for Christmas? December is one of the most popular months to get engaged, meaning January is one of the biggest months to start planning. So with weddings on the brain I am going to devote some of our January blog posts to weddings. Now I share with you a little of what Dippidee has to offer as far as wedding cakes go.
I always think it is fun to see a little bit of the back story of a cake so here are some fun things I want to share with all of you.

Alicia and Joel's Cake:
This four tier cake was simple, yet elegant. If you can see the flowers on that middle tier you will see that each is handmade and they are all unique. Each tier also had its own unique flavor. The top tier was a 4" round tier with a raspberry swirl cake with a raspberry cream filling. Most of our cakes stand 5" tall, but this next tier was 8" tall and 6" round to accommodate those unique handmade flowers. It was mad of red velvet cake and our signature cream filling. The third tier was a 10" round chocolate cake filled with our signature cream filling. The bottom tier was a12" round lemon cake filled with raspberry cream. This cake had around 125 servings and cost $550.

Jenna and Mike's Cake:
I loved, loved, loved this cake. When Jenna came to me for her cake I could see she had a lot of class and she was going to need a cake that fit her style. The thing that is so unique about this cake is all of the roses are hand piped meringue. They were so light and delicate and tasted like candy. There was also a beautiful gold shimmer to the cake that made it stand out. This cake was three tiers, a 6" round, 9" round and 12" round bottom tier. The cake had around 100 servings. The couple chose white chocolate cake for all three tiers and raspberry cream filling. This cake cost $500.

Joint Wedding Jennifer and Katie's Cakes:
This was a first for me, a double wedding. Sister's Jennifer and Katie chose to get married on the same day so I got to make them each there unique, but similar wedding cake. Both girls designed there cake to fit their unique personality. We used the same colors to tie the two cakes together. They also chose different cake flavors and fillings for each tier. Some of those combination were, margarita cake with lime cream filling, white chocolate cake with caramel cream filling, vanilla cake with vanilla mousse filling and lemon chiffon cake with a lemon cream filling. Both cakes got about 50 servings out of them and they both cost $250.

Laura and Brad's Cakes:
These cakes are special to me because I made them for my dear friends Laura and Brad. I love that Laura wanted to make Brad feel special by having a groom's cake made especially for him. Like the bride and groom these two cakes compliment one another, yet are completely different.
I have always said, groom's cakes are a great way to make your groom feel special. These two cakes got about 75 servings and cost $300.

(These last cakes I have pictured have some unique details that I love. I have put the servings and price by each one. )

2 Tier Fall Themed Cake - serves 50, cost $150

3 Tier Monogram Fresh Rose Cake -
serves 100 cost $400

Bride and Groom Custom Figurines -
Can be made to match any wedding and any Bride and Groom
$75 each

5 tier Chocolate Ribbon Cake - serves 225, cost $850

4 Tier Cinderella Cake - serves 150, costs $550

Thank you for letting me share with you. I look forward to sharing more wedding ideas and tips and information with you in these next posts. I would also like to extend to all you brides a great discount. Order your wedding cake in the month of January and get 25% off your entire order. To book your wedding consultation and tasting call Dippidee 801-756-4383.


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